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Now set yourself to watch the biggest horror film of the season as You're Next movie gets ready for release on August 23, 2013. If you do not like to see horror films in theatre, you can easily watch You're next movie online for free on the internet at, a great online portal to watch movies online for free even without downloading.


You can also download You're next movie online and watch the film when ever and wherever you want, in case you do not want to see the film at the sametime. The movie is directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett. Distributed by Lionsgate, the movie is produced by Keith Calder, Jessica Wu, Simon Barrett, and Kim Sherman.

So when you watcxh You're next movie online for free, you will find that the movie tells the story of Davison family. The mamily is celebrating their wedding anniversay along with their other family members. However, their fun and joy is shortlived as they come under the attack of some strange and sadist attackers.

The axe-wielding killers are bent upon killing each hapless victim as they hunt down each family member brutally killing all members one by one. However, one of the victims knows the secret to avenge and fightback the attackers. To discover what happens next in the movie, download You're next movie online and watch the film in your free to time to see and find out.

Starring Sharni Vinson (Erin), AJ Bowen (Crispian), Nick Tucci (Drake), Wendy Glenn (Zee), Joe Swanberg (Drake), Rob Moran (Paul Davison), Barbara Crampton (Aubrey Davison), Maragaret Laney (Kelly), Amy Seimetz (Aimee), Ti West (Tariq) and  Larry Fessenden (Erik Harson), as the family members and Lane Hughes (Fox Masked Man), L.C. Holt (Lamb Masked Man) and Simon Barrett (Tiger Masked Man) as the attackers, the movie is the smartest thriller of the year.